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The history and science behind putting mezcal into glass and why it matters  “Mezcal, the most pure translation of time and space, terroir, and the maestro who translated all of those elements into the spirit, no barrel coming into the ride.

This past week Tales of the Cocktail managed to happen successfully in New Orleans. For a few minutes there it seemed like the apocalypse was going to descend, fortunately it was spared and the confluence of bartenders, spirits producers, and

Part one of this two part series can be found here. La Ruta del Mezcal - Day 2 The next morning we were met by Miguel Angel of San Luis Autentico, a tour agency offering a variety of tours for any visit

This is the first part of a two part series. The second part can be found here. The first thing I noticed were the lack of topes (speed bumps) as we left the San Luis Potosi airport in our rental car.

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