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  • Details Location:  Santiago Matatlán, OaxacaAgave: Tobala / A. potatorumMaestro Mezcalero: Familia Hernandez EscobarBatch: E-0124Bottle: 002Vintage: 2019ABV: 45%Tasting keywords: Gummy bear, fruity, candy.NOM: O71XCRM Information Buy it today Nose Slight hint of menthol. Taste Fruity and sweet with a candy nature to it that’s amazingly

  • Details Location:  Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca Agave: Tepeztate / A. marmorataMaestro Mezcalero: Familia Hernandez EscobarBatch: E-0124Bottle: 027Vintage: 2019ABV: 48%Tasting keywords: Mint, oregano, roasted agave.NOM: O71XCRM Information Buy it today Nose Rich and withholding, hint of roasted agave sugar and mint that drifts away, tantalizing. Taste This

  • Details Location:  Santiago Matatlán, OaxacaAgave: Cuishe / A. karwinskiiMaestro Mezcalero: Familia Hernandez EscobarBatch: E-0124Bottle: 001Vintage: 2019ABV: 45%Tasting keywords: Pine, candy cane, rock sugar.NOM: O71XCRM Information Buy it today Nose A good wife of a freshly opened dill pickle jar which rounds into

  • Details Location:  Santiago Matatlán, OaxacaAgave: Espadin / A. angustifolia haw.Maestro Mezcalero: Familia Hernandez EscobarBatch: E-0124Vintage: 2019Bottle: 007ABV: 45%Tasting keywords: Fruity, agave sugars.CRM Information NOM: O71XBuy it today Nose Rich round roasted agave and granite minerality. Taste Touches of mesquite, pineapple, and pippin open to

  • An interesting report out from online alcohol retailer Drizly - Category on the Rise: Mezcal. It is no surprise that online sales of alcohol grew exponentially in 2020 with Drizly itself reporting exponential growth which we previously reported here. But

  • Curandera is the Spanish word for healer. In Mexico it's used for traditional healers and, depending on the source, can have some negative connotations like "witch doctor." But in many Mexican communities the curandera is a vitally important figure and

  • This is part of our ongoing series of stories on the issues of sustainability in mezcal. Don Balbino, a third generation mezcalero, used blue tequilana grown in the Mixteca Poblana to make mezcal, but the possibility of finding the mountain

  • In a stunning reversal of fifty years of policy the administration of AMLO has decreed that the nation of Mexico is giving the word mezcal back to the people of Mexico so that they can “reconquest the Mexican soul.” Sources

  • A coa, also known as a "coa de jima," is a specialized tool for shearing off agave pencas. It has a standard tool handle and a large round blade at the business end. While it seems that coas are most

  • Details Location: Miahuatlan, Oaxaca Agave: Arroqueno Maestro: José Díaz BustamanteAbv: 46%Tasting keywords: herbal, earthy, musk NOM: 0209X Nose Fresh herbs characterize the aromas, showing thyme, sage, and sweet basil. Undertones of vanilla lend a pineapple-like sweetness.  Taste Ripe blueberries, strong green herbs, and a touch of mesquite smoke

  • Details Location: Ejutla, Oaxaca Agave: Bicuishe Maestro: Cipriano Hernandez Abv: 47%Tasting keywords: fresh, mineral, berries NOM: 0209X Nose Fresh fruity notes of melon and berries combine with rich creamy cashew. Aromas are strong yet dainty.  Taste Bright and zesty, the flavors start out with a hint of smoked brown

  • Details Location: Ejutla, Oaxaca Agave: Tepeztate Maestro: Cipriano Hernandez Abv: 47%Tasting keywords: floral, fruity earth, spicy NOM: 0209X Nose The cooked aromas come first with notes of smoked honey and roasted sweet tomato, followed by a bouquet of lilies, and finishes with a hint of peppercorn spice

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