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Celebrating women of mezcal

Confession, I have a semi love hate relationship with Women’s History Month, otherwise known as March. It is great to see a focused effort on bringing to light the stories of women who have made an impact on the world. But one month dedicated to celebrating 51% of the world’s population feels a little, well, weak. There are millions of stories of women making impacts every single day, sometimes just by existing in a world that is so hostile to our very presence.

Over the years we have covered the topic of women and mezcal from as many angles as we can. Not only is it essential to tell these stories because they are part of the story of mezcal, it is also personal, five of the six of us at Mezcalistas are women. From production to education, to sales and consumption, women are an integral part of every aspect of mezcal, as invisible as we have been at times. Ours is not a separate history, and hopefully there will be a day when our roles and accomplishments are represented for what they are, a thread like all the other threads in the fabric of humanity. Here’s a quick reading list of our coverage:

And, be sure to check out these interviews with some of the top female bartenders, educators and brand owners/representatives including Ivy Mix, Christine Wiseman, Cali Gold, Christina Helmer, Zule Arias, Berta Vasquez and Niki Nakazawa.

Susan Coss is the Co-founder of Mezcalistas. She is a long time business, marketing and communications strategist in the sustainable food and beverage worlds. Over the past 15 years, Susan's work has focused on promoting the connection between land, farmers and food and beverage crafters.


  • lups leyva
    March 11, 2021

    Although, I follow Mezcalistas articles, and I think they have great content, this article doesn’t clearly represents real Mezcal women. Not even closer.

    Maybe just representing promoters, but what about women that works very hard under different circumstances in Mezcal villages.

    Is just a thought, would be very interesting to know the point of view of that women !


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