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Author: Max Garrone

The words for tools used to make mezcal vary by the tool and where they're from. One that seems fairly consistent is "mazo" which means the mallet used to hand crush roasted agave prior to fermentation. This is back, shoulder,

Details Location: Tlacolula, OaxacaAgave: Espadín / A. angustifolia haw.Maestro Mezcalero: Eric Hernandez and Manuel BenetABV: 40%Tasting keywords: Caramel, vanilla.NOM: O158XBuy it today Nose Fresh paper, like cracking a freshly printed newspaper. Taste This is all about the wood and related flavors. There is a touch of fresh

Details Location: San Balthazar Chichicapam, OaxacaAgave: Tobasiche / A. karwinskiiMaestra Mezcalera: Berta VasquezBatch: IV/19Quantity: 300 litersVintage: April 2019ABV: 46%Tasting keywords: Mesquite, roasted agave.NOM: NABut it now! Nose Elegant balance of roasted agave. Taste Thick and inky, instantly takes you down a few levels of consciousness diving

Details Location: San Guillermo Miahuatlan, OaxacaAgave: Mexicano / A. rhodacanthaMaestro Mezcalero: Francisco Garcia LeonBatch: V/2020Quantity: 600 litersVintage: May 2020ABV: 49%Tasting keywords: Round, balanced, cumin.NOM: NABuy it today! Nose Lean and mean with touches of fresh ground granite, salt spray, and fresh crushed lemongrass. There’s

Details Location: San Luis Amatlán, Miahuatlán, OaxacaAgave: Tepextate / A. marmorataMaestro Mezcalero: Aniceto GarciaQuantity: 40 litersBatch: TPXANC2011ABV: 49%Vintage: November 2020Tasting keywords: Fresh, saline, white pepperNOM: UncertifiedBuy it today Nose A rather profound breath of sea air, touch of ground anise, and the scent of

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