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Mezcal Week

It's the week we've all been waiting for, Mezcal Week 2018, That one week where bars and restaurants put mezcal front and center in flights, cocktails, meals, and screenings. The goal is to highlight our favorite Mexican spirit in all its variety and our participants never disappoint. There are far too many to mention, check our home page for the full listing, but a few highlights from this year to get you excited!

Mezcalistas, like everyone else in the mezcal business, is experiencing its own share of growing pains. Limited resources (it's a 2.5 person shop) and capital constraints (bootstrapping all we do) come smack up against all we want to do for the category, all the time. It's simultaneously painful and euphoric to be in this place of so much possibility and so much work.

Sure, the Thanksgiving break intervened but we wanted to take a quick minute to talk about the second annual Mezcal Week. It was great all around with tastings, art openings, special menus, you name it. And it was truly global with events on three continents spanning mezcal flights, special cocktails, special menus, and art openings. The culture of the bar and Mexico combined for one week for extraordinary results. We certainly had a great time and heard nothing but fantastic things from participants around the world. A few highlights:

[caption id="attachment_6902" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Mezcal Week 2017[/caption] We're happy to announce that Mezcal Week is back and better than ever November 5th-12th, 2017. Last year was a great launch with participants from far flung mezcal obsessives in Australia, England, Mexico, and the U.S. There were art openings, cocktail tasting menus, all manner of special flights, and so much great mezcal that we had to do it again.

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