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Wahaka adds more mezcal to the mix

Wahaka's 2015 lineup

Wahaka’s 2015 lineup

Don’t look now but Wahaka has added even more bottles to its line up. While the core of the portfolio is still solid they are building out limited edition bottles that expand on last year’s genius marketing idea of their “Vegan Pechugas,” the Espadín Manzanita and Espadín Botaniko which were fantastic and disappeared from shelves quickly. And by genius marketing idea we don’t mean to slight the contents of the bottles because people have been making vegan pechugas for quite a while. It’s just that someone in the C-Suite of Wahaka Enterprises was canny enough to make something of that label.

Now Wahaka is building on those releases with a new set of mezcals allocated to the six states of California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Illinois, and New York which, I bet, represents a simple map of the most mezcal sold by volume in the United States. The labels are in the same style of last year’s vegan pechugas, black and white with sharp graphic definition. The NOM remains the same as the rest of their production – NOM O148X – and all were made by their master mezcalero Alberto ‘Berto’ Morales.

The bottles are:

  •  Jabali – From cultivated agave.
  • Tepeztate – From wild agave.
  • Nanche: The latest in the vegan pechuga series made from espadin and nanche, a small yellow fruit grown throughout southern Mexico and Central America.
  • Guajolote con Fruta: This is their maestro mezcalero Berto’s first commercial pechuga made from meat along with “a ton of fruit…tangerines, bananas, cantaloupe.” Guajolote is Nahuatl for turkey so it harks back to deep cultural roots.

A quick search shows the Nanche available at K&L and the Jabali on their waiting list.

Max co-founded Mezcalistas with Susan way back in 2012. Before that he was a journalist at Salon.com and The San Francisco Chronicle.

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