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The official launch of Mezcal Week

mezcOf course, we wholeheartedly believe that every week is mezcal week, but decided with all the usual hubris, why not do an official celebratory week. So, November 6-13, we bring you Mezcal Week – a celebration of all things maguey, be it cocktails, flights, specials, food pairings, talks, films or literary readings – whatever it is you want to do – you decide, you register the idea, and you go. We’ll give you artwork, we’ll help promote, and if you need some ideas, we’ll even give you those. We just want to blow this thing up and highlight just how much mezcal has penetrated the landscape.

Like most of our crazy ideas, this is a labor of love, and was born out of admiration for and inspired by SF Beer Week, Cocktail Week,¬†Negroni Week, and any other predecessors that we may have forgotten or never known. But more than anything we thought this would be a great way to take a product made by the people, for the people, and put it into the hands, and mouths of the people, totally brand agnostic (Wild Shot, we see you with your “National Mezcal Day” push). The true spirit of the spirit.

So help us spread the word and get your favorite bars and restaurants on board. Let’s see if we can’t get a red marker in every single state plus the District of Columbia, not to mention Canadian proveinces, the state of Mexico, and everywhere that cherishes mezcal. We just want to make sure that we can raise a glass together and celebrate the beauty and perfection that is mezcal! So have at it.





Susan Coss is the Co-founder of Mezcalistas. She is a long time business, marketing and communications strategist in the sustainable food and beverage worlds. Over the past 15 years, Susan's work has focused on promoting the connection between land, farmers and food and beverage crafters.


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