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Mezcal’s "New World Order"

Sure, the Thanksgiving break intervened but we wanted to take a quick minute to talk about the second annual Mezcal Week. It was great all around with tastings, art openings, special menus, you name it. And it was truly global with events on three continents spanning mezcal flights, special cocktails, special menus, and art openings. The culture of the bar and Mexico combined for one week for extraordinary results. We certainly had a great time and heard nothing but fantastic things from participants around the world. A few highlights:

Mexico was no slouch either with incredible contributions from a variety of top level bars in Mexico City like the famous Limantour, Baltra, and Can Can just to name three. Oaxaca City also was well represented by Tobaziche and Sabina Sabe. And, say you want to hit the beach? We had that covered as well with Xaman’s in Tulum and Mezcaliza in Cabo.

And then there’s the United States where bars and restaurants did some amazing work. Take a look at the full list to really appreciate the creativity but if you want the Cliff Notes then just glance at Portland’s Xico, the Dove’s Pop Up at Ghost Donkey in NYC, and the great art opening here at the Jack Fischer Gallery in SF.

Mark your calendars, we’ll be back November 4-11, 2018 for the next Mezcal Week!

Here’s a quick snapshot in pictures:



Max co-founded Mezcalistas with Susan way back in 2012. Before that he was a journalist at Salon.com and The San Francisco Chronicle.

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