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November 2018

It's the week we've all been waiting for, Mezcal Week 2018, That one week where bars and restaurants put mezcal front and center in flights, cocktails, meals, and screenings. The goal is to highlight our favorite Mexican spirit in all its variety and our participants never disappoint. There are far too many to mention, check our home page for the full listing, but a few highlights from this year to get you excited!

[gallery ids="25328,25387,25388"] When we started selling the Mezcal Tasting Journals we weren't exactly sure how they'd be received. We certainly love them and have been using them for all our tastings ever since Tess Rose Lampert showed them to us. She'd developed the format along with Portland's 33 Books Co. which has a number of other tasting journals. One of the things that I liked immediately about the format is

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to talk to Richard Betts of Sombra Mezcal about the company's foray into making adobe bricks from mezcal by-product. The idea is pretty simple, use viñaza and bagasso from mezcal production to make adobe bricks. Of course simplicity is never easy, and after much trial and error, they created a solid blueprint that others could use.

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