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Details Location: El Tuito, Costa Norte, JaliscoAgave: Chico aguiar / A. angustifolia var? Maestro Mezcalero: Chalio RodriguezQuantity: 2,900 bottles / 3867 litersABV: 44.5%Tasting keywords: Fall spices, pepper. NOM: NA The rear label of La Venenosa's II Edición. Nose Deep and dusty, forrest floor and

Details Location: La Vieja, Sierra Occidental, JaliscoAgave: A. maximilianaMaestro Mezcalero: Antonio ArrizonQuantity: 1950 bottles / 1462.2 litersABV: 40%Tasting keywords: Lactic, tingly. NOM: NABuy it today Nose Funky business! This is Raicilla through and through with that fermented butter with a touch of pickle juice

The leanest raicilla I've ever tasted but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have fruit or fermentation. It's still very much a raicilla. Details Location: Las Guásimos, JaliscoAgave: Amarillo, Verde (angustifolia and rhodacantha)Maestro Mezcalero: Santiago Dìaz RamosQuantity: 660 bottlesABV: 48Availability: Now in

                    Intro Another extraordinary raicilla that represents the lighter, dare I say more approachable side of the raicilla world. Details Location: Mascota Agave: Cultivated Maximiliana Maestro Mezcalero:Don Ruben Peña ABV: 42% Batch: Lot 9, October 2014. Buy it today Background Don Ruben's raicilla is amazing on a

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