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Details Location: Miahuatlán, OaxacaAgave: Tobaziche (A. karwinskii)Maestro Mezcalero: Celso Garcia CruzQuantity: 40 litersVintage: May 2018ABV: 47.2%Tasting Keywords: Bittersweet chocolate, horchata. NOM: UncertifiedBuy it today: SOLD OUT! Nose It's like walking through a pine grove with a cup of Oaxacan hot chocolate. Taste A pine herbaceousness

[caption id="attachment_6645" align="aligncenter" width="449"] The cueva collection at the Mezcalosfera palenque.[/caption] I get a lot of inquiries about how to visit palenques while in Oaxaca and I am quick to recommend different kinds of experiences depending on what people are looking for. We have a standing guide to tours and I am happy to add a new one to the list - Mezcouting from Andrea Hagan. She's got a great background in food sovereignty and in her years in Oaxaca has worked with the University of Vermont, Susan Trilling, and Mezcaloteca. She's crafted her tours, like the others we recommend, on the relationships she has developed in different communities thoughout her years here. You want hands on traditional cooking classes - with deep dives into milling and processing and masa making with your mezcal visits - this is your person.

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