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Details Location: Miahuatlán, OaxacaAgave: Tobaziche (A. karwinskii)Maestro Mezcalero: Celso Garcia CruzQuantity: 40 litersVintage: May 2018ABV: 47.2%Tasting Keywords: Bittersweet chocolate, horchata. NOM: UncertifiedBuy it today: SOLD OUT! Nose It's like walking through a pine grove with a cup of Oaxacan hot chocolate. Taste A pine herbaceousness

This is a cross post from one of our frequent collaborators, Ferron Salniker. You can read her excellent blog Ferronlandia here. This piece was originally published on 4/15/16. You can read the original here.

Max Rosenstock is from New Mexico, lives in the Bay, and knows the Oaxacan countryside so well I’m surprised when he hits a tope too fast. His project, Neta Mezcal, is soon to officially launch in the U.S.— and in the meantime he’s been traveling Oaxaca for years finding good mezcal. He reminds me of my Bay boy friends because he’s all brains and jokes under a  hoodie and baseball cap, but unlike most of my friends, when Max rides up he’s got a trunk full of exceptionally good mezcal, ceramics and textiles. (I would like more friends like this). Here are some notes from heading to palenques with him.

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