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This is part one of a multipart series. You can read part two here. First the obvious, 2020 created unprecedented challenges for the world of mezcal. If you had asked anyone in January or February of 2020 what the sales

The leanest raicilla I've ever tasted but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have fruit or fermentation. It's still very much a raicilla. Details Location: Las Guásimos, JaliscoAgave: Amarillo, Verde (angustifolia and rhodacantha)Maestro Mezcalero: Santiago Dìaz RamosQuantity: 660 bottlesABV: 48Availability: Now in

The Los Nahuales Special Edition No. 3 sings of balance and diversity, reflecting the ensemble of agaves within. Details Location: Santiago MatatlanAgaves: 48% wild tobalá, 26% upland espadín, 13% wild tepextate, 13% sierrudo (agave americana)Maestro Mezcalero: Joel Antonio JuanABV: 48.76%Distilled April

In goat shit, to be precise. Take a look at the video below where Craft Distillers' Ansley Coale introduces Mezcalero Special #4 with the full story on how you pull great aging characteristics from mezcal. It's a blend of espadín and wild bicuixe but it's also aged for six months in a pile of goat shit which, he claims, contributes to the balance in the mezcal. That's a tradition that I've seen in Michoacan and always thought was just an easy way of keeping the mezcal out of people's hands and out of the light so that it could rest but Ansley mentions another potential factor, heat generated from the manure.

The latest in Craft DistillersMezcalero line which delivers extremely small production batches from a variety of locations around Oaxaca.

 mezcalero17The details:

- Location: San Baltazar Guélavila - Agave: Cultivated espadín and agave de lumbre - Maestro Mescalero: Cirilo Hernández - Quantity: 184 cases / 1104 bottles - Distillation Date: March 2014 - Bottled: June 2015. - ABV: 48% - NOM: O14X    

The background:

These are the sort of one off distillations that used to define mezcal so this series is something of a relic of another era and testament to all the riches that remain. As I’ve said before, the mere existence of Mezcalero is fantastic, the fact that they continue to produce such high quality mezcals so consistently is even better.

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