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Details Location: Rancho Tepúa, Aconchi, SonoraAgave: Agave Angustifolia PacificaMaestro Bacanorero: Roberto ContrerasQuantity: 480 litersABV: 43%Tasting keywords: Mineral, roast agave, cinnamon.NOM: 168Buy it today Nose This sings a sensory song of rich and wide cut of sweet agave. Taste A mosaic of nuanced flavors that include sandalwood,

Details Location: Bacanora, SonoraAgave: A. angustifolia Haw.Maestro Mezcalero: Manuel “El Toro” ChacónABV: 45%Tasting keywords: Bacanora spirit with a touch of fruit extraction.NOM: 168Buy it today Nose The uvalama opens with a slight raisiny note, just like a well extracted Zinfandel or Amarone and then

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