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Macurichos Ancestral Arroqueño Tasting Notes


  • Location: Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca
  • Agave: Arroqueno 
  • Maestro: Los Hermanos Martinez
  • Abv: 52%
  • Tasting keywords: Spicy, tropical, candy bar
  • NOM: 0165X
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The aromas are full of sweet and salty notes like toffee, chocolate covered pretzel, and nougat. Tropical notes like chili-spiked mango are at the core. 


The flavors are fire roasted, and pack a spicy chili punch. Super ripe tropical fruit notes have the slightest bit of funk, almost rum-like, showing notes of cinnamon, habanero, allspice and a hint of vanilla. The finish is creamy with a lingering coffee flavor. Pair this with dessert, or better yet a cheeseboard, including both savory and salty accoutrement.  


The 17 year old cultivated agaves come from Sola De Vega for this production. Agaves are cooked in a traditional earthen oven before being crushed with a tahona. The mash is wild yeast fermented in wooden vats before being distilled in ancestral style clay pot stills. 

Tess Rose Lampert is a wine and spirits educator with a focus on mezcal. She is a frequent contributor to Mezcalistas and has developed programming for Mexico in a Bottle and Spirited Conversations. She has an Advanced Degree from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Spanish Wine Educator Certificate, an MA from the University of East Anglia, UK, in Philosophy of Food and Drink and a BA from Bard College in NY.

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