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Desert Door Original Texas Sotol tasting notes


Location: Driftwood, Texas
Plant: Dasylirion wheeleri
ABV: 40%
Tasting keywords: Herbal, numbing peppers.
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Hints of eucalyptus, sagebrush, and honeysuckle.


It has a notable viscosity with a really full mouth feel. The dominant flavor is dried sage with a touch of burnt orange. It has a bit of that numbing Szechuan peppercorn effect.

Method / Background Notes

Desert Door feels like part of a new wave of spirits that use traditional Mexican plants to make very similar spirits from Mexican distilling traditions. There is at least one other project making a spirit from Dasylirion wheeleri in Texas while there are a handful of projects in California making spirits from agave. The struggle with all of these is what to call the spirit because of traditions and legal controls over appellations. Desert Door can technically call itself a Sotol because the US doesn’t currently recognize the Mexican Sotol appellation. It has applied to the US government for recognition and the conversation is ongoing.

Max co-founded Mezcalistas with Susan way back in 2012. Before that he was a journalist at Salon.com and The San Francisco Chronicle.

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