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Desert Door Oak-Aged Texas Sotol tasting notes


Location: Driftwood, Texas
Plant: Dasylirion wheeleri
ABV: 40%
Tasting keywords: Sandalwood, Red Hots.
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Very light honey and sandalwood.


Rich sandalwood with a spicy Red Hot cinnamon flavor. There’s a touch of that szechuan peppercorn effect at the back of the mouth that makes it very lively.

Method / Background Notes

Sotols aren’t traditionally aged so this approach seems like it’s a hybrid of the tequila and whiskey worlds. Desert Door says that this is “aged to taste for up to one year in New American white oak barrels with a medium char.” so it’s on the Reposado spectrum of light aging and the flavors follow that as they lean towards like wood and fall spices.

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