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DC Rocks!

We’re flying back to San Francisco right now after such a wonderful week in DC and a truly amazing Mexico in a Bottle. Check out our photo gallery to relive the event. A special thanks to everyone who attended, it is so gratifying to see so many happy faces and hear from so many people who really enjoyed the tasting. A tremendous thank you to the Mexican Cultural Institute for taking a giant leap of faith and allowing us to take over their gorgeous space. Everyone was justifiably wowed by it. The combination of vivid murals, the tiled room, and expansive layout is perfect for our traveling encounter with Mexican culture. If we can manage it (or the Institute will allow us!), we’ll definitely be back.

As Josh Phillips from Espita told us at the start of the show “this is so strange and awesome, I can see some of my favorite people in DC all in one room.” That feeling pervaded so much of our trip and the tasting. We can’t emphasize just how great it is to parachute in and meet so many welcoming people with great creative ambitions who all hang out together. You’re really lucky to have restaurants and bars like Clavel, Espita, Oyamel, and Manos de Maiz. Also, a big thanks to Merci Mercado for bringing the good gospel of edible insects to the event. They had some killer chapulines, salsas, and salts for folks to try – I think they even got some new converts.

Did we mention Christian Irabién Gamboa from La Cocina VA? We did a fundraiser for them along with Ilegal and Wahaka Sunday evening so we got a chance to chance to hang out and dig into common interests over mezcal but then watching him and his crew bring the awesome chapulines sopes to the tasting was such a treat. With chefs like that, you know you have a great culinary community, and with non profits like La Cocina VA we might finally make some progress on all the pressing issues in our industry and the most vulnerable in our society.

We also debuted our new Mexico in a Bottle t-shirts, which you can order online if you aren’t going to be able to make our upcoming events. Designed by Oaxaca’s own Mariana Garcia, it is a gorgeous rendition of Mayahuel in all her agave glory. If you found yourself tapping your feet or swaying your hips during the event, you can thank resident Mexico in a Bottle DJ extraordinaire, DJ EKG. We will be loading up the different event playlists for you to enjoy after each event, here’s the DC playlist.

For everyone else, most specifically you folks in Denver, we’ll see you June 24th and 25th at the Denver Taco Festival at the Mexico in a Bottle pavilion. As if that’s not enough, we will soon be releasing the first batch of tickets for Mexico in a Bottle: Chicago and will release tickets for San Francisco later this summer. Stay tuned to our blog, newsletter, and Facebook so that you’re the first to know about those tickets. Plus you’ll always be the first on your block to know the latest and greatest news from the world of mezcal.

Max co-founded Mezcalistas with Susan way back in 2012. Before that he was a journalist at Salon.com and The San Francisco Chronicle.

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