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January 2019

Just back from the San Antonio Cocktail Conferences (my recap is here) where I was able to attend some terrific seminars helmed by a few leaders in the industry, who happen to be women. I say it like that because I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with how marginalizing it feels to use the phrasing female bartenders, female distillers, female brand ambassadors, etc when really, we have been here all along. The rest of the world is just waking up to that. By putting female, or woman before laymen's terms, it continues to make us more of a novelty or side bar, rather than the truth of the matter - we are fully integrated in this business, as marketers, as writers, as owners and as consumers.

Just back from five days at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference - a fun and enlightening industry gathering that was simultaneously overwhelming and intimate. It was a great opportunity to connect with some of the key players in the industry

That’s not a hypothetical question. I have yet to see a mezcal boilermaker, I’m sure it’s been done. But a local San Francisco brewer recently caught my eye because she really is adding mezcal to her beer, but before it gets into the keg. Meet Regan Long master brewer of Local Brewing tucked behind the San Francisco Tennis Center on Bluxome Street in SOMA. She has been producing a mezcal beer called Mezcal Red for three years now, the real question is why it took so long for me to notice. It’s now a staple brew for Local in the holiday season so stop by soon to get a taste before it's gone.

The Mezcalistas family suffered a tremendous loss last week, the passing of our resident musical director, and very dear friend, Edgardo Santamaria, DJ EKG. From our humble beginnings of the Music.Art.Mezcal series at a gallery in San Francisco to our Pop-up Pulquerias, Lucha Libres, and Mexico in a Bottle events, Edgar was there, crafting a musical program that was literally the heartbeat that drove the energy and flow.

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