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Details Location: San Balthazar Chichicapam, OaxacaAgave: Tobasiche / A. karwinskiiMaestra Mezcalera: Berta VasquezBatch: IV/19Quantity: 300 litersVintage: April 2019ABV: 46%Tasting keywords: Mesquite, roasted agave.NOM: NABut it now! Nose Elegant balance of roasted agave. Taste Thick and inky, instantly takes you down a few levels of consciousness diving

Details Location: Miahuatlán, OaxacaAgave: Tobaziche (A. karwinskii)Maestro Mezcalero: Celso Garcia CruzQuantity: 40 litersVintage: May 2018ABV: 47.2%Tasting Keywords: Bittersweet chocolate, horchata. NOM: UncertifiedBuy it today: SOLD OUT! Nose It's like walking through a pine grove with a cup of Oaxacan hot chocolate. Taste A pine herbaceousness

Sure, the Thanksgiving break intervened but we wanted to take a quick minute to talk about the second annual Mezcal Week. It was great all around with tastings, art openings, special menus, you name it. And it was truly global with events on three continents spanning mezcal flights, special cocktails, special menus, and art openings. The culture of the bar and Mexico combined for one week for extraordinary results. We certainly had a great time and heard nothing but fantastic things from participants around the world. A few highlights:

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