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As you may have noticed there was a huge explosion on social media last week about the Consejo Regulador del Mezcal (CRM) in Oaxaca. The CRM makes the rules for mezcal so this was big news: The headquarters were locked and sealed, Hipocrates Nolasco Cancino the leader of the CRM chained himself to a gate, there were wild rumors about a takeover and then, on Tuesday morning, everything seemed to go back to normal.

In the dead of summer when the rest of us were at the beach, the Guelaguetza, or sundry other trips the CRM released a new web site at mezcal.com. They were so quiet about it that we only really noticed last month. The site is completely redesigned to be much more consumer friendly, the old CRM site remains its old stodgy self while mezcal.com is building a bridge to the people that drink mezcal around the world.

Yesterday it was announced that a watered down version of NOM 199 passed: Except instead of mandating that any mezcal not produced within an already defined appellation and certified by the CRM be called "Komil," it says that these spirits must now be called "Aguardiente de Agave." To understand who will need to use this terminology see our previous post on the impact of the original proposal; all you need to do is replace "Komil" with "Aguardiente." This is being pitched as a triumph for everyone but

The CRM doesn't have a way to publicly comment on the recent release of NOM 70 so we've created this Change.org petition to express support for it. As you'll see it's most textly from our earlier blog post on the issue. We support 70 because it achieves most of the goals that the mezcal world, from small palenqueros to global consumers, have articulated over the past three years during the drafting and discussion process. Here is Hipocrates' letter introducing it. Here is the full text of the proposal. So, definitely sign the petition and we'll pass the results onto Hipocrates Nolasco, head of the CRM. It's really important that you sign it so don't be shy and distribute it far and wide on FaceBook, email, Twitter, and in your bar side conversations.

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