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Rey Campero Tepextate, Cuishe, Espadin Ensemble tasting notes


  • Location: Zoquitlan, Oaxaca 
  • Agave: Tepextate, Cuishe, Espadin / A. marmorata, A. karwinskii, A. angustifolia haw.
  • Maestro: Romulo Sanchez Parada 
  • Abv: 51.5%
  • Tasting keywords: peppery, minerals, herbal 
  • NOM: 0185X
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The aromas are characterized by peppery spice with notes of fresh garden herbs and dried flowers showing through. Hints of chipotle also come through.


Chalky minerality is front and center, flavors are predominantly earthy with parsley, clover, and slate. Some green chili spice unfolds over the tongue with a slowly fading finish, which draws out the experience of each sip. 


Rey Campero is artisanally produced featuring in ground cooking for up to five days, followed by cooling and resting up to one week. Cooked agaves are crushed by a tahona and open air fermented with natural ambient yeasts for up to 12 days before double distillation in small copper pot stills. The most recent release was distilled in September 2017.

Tess Rose Lampert is a wine and spirits educator with a focus on mezcal. She is a frequent contributor to Mezcalistas and has developed programming for Mexico in a Bottle and Spirited Conversations. She has an Advanced Degree from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Spanish Wine Educator Certificate, an MA from the University of East Anglia, UK, in Philosophy of Food and Drink and a BA from Bard College in NY.

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