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Raicilla Venenosa Tabernas I tasting notes


Location: La Vieja, Sierra Occidental, Jalisco
Agave: A. maximiliana
Maestro Mezcalero: Antonio Arrizon
Quantity: 1950 bottles / 1462.2 liters
ABV: 40%
Tasting keywords: Lactic, tingly.
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Funky business! This is Raicilla through and through with that fermented butter with a touch of pickle juice on the nose.


Light and effervescent, this leaves you with a tingly, sparkling mineral sensation wrapped up with lactic ferment. A bit of that light pickle juice but a deep identity leather, beeswax

Method / Background Notes

Roasted in an adobe oven with black oak, wild fermented in oak tinas, distilled in a stainless steel alembic once.

Rear label of the first edition of La Venenosa’s Tabernas bottle.

Note that this first edition Tabernas label is difficult to distinguish from the second edition. The easiest way to tell is by reading the rear label which clearly lists out all the production information. This bottle hails from June of 2017, it has been resting for a while so it is really integrated.

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