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Bacanora YooWe Tasting Notes


  • Location: Alamos, Sonora
  • Agave: A. angustifolia haw (pacifica)
  • Maestro Mezcalero: Ramon Miranda
  • Quantity: 400 bottles
  • ABV: 43.6
  • Tasting keywords: Fresh pickled jalapeño
  • NOM: 168
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Detail of YooWe Bacanora’s rear label.
Detail of YooWe Bacanora’s rear label.


Green pepper and green olive.


Unctuous mouth feel that starts with a really warm agave sugar sensation then resolves into a melody of sage, pickled jalapeños, and a touch of that sparkling mouth feel.

Method / Background Notes

Previously Ramon Miranda’s label was known as “El Real de Álamos” but it’s being rebottled as YooWe for import. Miranda is a long time producer now working with his son Eduardo Miranda to continue production.

The source agave is A angustifolia haw with the parenthetical “pacifica” to call out how distinct it is from the classic Oaxacan espadin. There is plenty of discussion about what this agave is, it could really be an espadin adapted to the local environment or an angustifolia which has hybridized. We need some genetic analysis to help resolve this discussion.

As with many Bacanoras the production is also a hybrid. After an underground roast the agave is fermented in plastic containers then twice distilled in a hybrid steel/copper drum.

The brand name and distinctive deer antlers come from the local Yaqui tribe which has quite a distinctive and illustrious history.

Two generation of El Real de Álamos producers, Eduardo standing and Ramon.

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