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August 2020

Details Location: Ventura, CAAgave: A. tequilanaDistillers: Anthony Caspary, Henry Tarmy, James Greenspun, Andrew CasparyQuantity: 1,000 bottlesBatch: 3Bottle No.: 474ABV: 42.5%Tasting keywords: tequila, sugar cane, cinnamonBuy it today Nose Distinctively agave with a touch of sugar cane juice and cinnamon. Taste Wow, this is big,

Distance learning in the agave spirits world. Ventura Spirits is the third Californian distiller that I know of to experiment with agave spirits. Their process and experience say as much about CA and the US as it does about the expanding

Details Location: Santiago Matatlán, OaxacaAgave: Pulquero Capón - A. Americana Var. OaxacensisMaestro Mezcalero: Valentín CortésVintage: 2019 Lot: 1st EditionQuantity: 42 bottlesABV: 51%Tasting keywords:  Citric, acetone, roasted agaveBuy it today. Dixeebe Pulquero First Edition front label. Nose Acetone, agave syrup, peach, fresh mushrooms, boiled

Details Location: Santiago Matatlán, OaxacaAgave: Espadín Capón - A. Angustifolia HawMaestro Mezcalero: Valentín CortésVintage : 2019 Lot: 1st EditionQuantity: 24 bottlesABV: 50%Tasting keywords: Citrus, cinnamon, smoky Buy it today. The front of the Dixeebe First Edition Pechuga label. Nose Orange juice, lemon, lactic, cinnamon,

Details Location: Santiago Matatlán, OaxacaAgave: wild Jabalí - A. ConvallisMaestro Mezcalero: Valentín CortésVintage: 2018 Lote: 1st EditionQuantity: 24 bottlesABV: 48.5%Tasting keywords: Lactic, mintBuy it today. Dixeebe Jabali First Edition front label Nose Dulce de leche, cheese whey, mint, raw tomato. Taste Roasted almonds, fresh, agave

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