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Details Location: El Tuito, Costa Norte, JaliscoAgave: Chico aguiar / A. angustifolia var? Maestro Mezcalero: Chalio RodriguezQuantity: 2,900 bottles / 3867 litersABV: 44.5%Tasting keywords: Fall spices, pepper. NOM: NA The rear label of La Venenosa's II Edición. Nose Deep and dusty, forrest floor and

Details Location: La Vieja, Sierra Occidental, JaliscoAgave: A. maximilianaMaestro Mezcalero: Antonio ArrizonQuantity: 1950 bottles / 1462.2 litersABV: 40%Tasting keywords: Lactic, tingly. NOM: NABuy it today Nose Funky business! This is Raicilla through and through with that fermented butter with a touch of pickle juice

                    Intro Another extraordinary raicilla that represents the lighter, dare I say more approachable side of the raicilla world. Details Location: Mascota Agave: Cultivated Maximiliana Maestro Mezcalero:Don Ruben Peña ABV: 42% Batch: Lot 9, October 2014. Buy it today Background Don Ruben's raicilla is amazing on a

Since its premiere at Mezcal: Mexico in a Bottle 2014 Raicilla Venenosa has been a constant presence at better mezcalerias. It was the first racilla legally imported into the United States and was only recently joined by a second. The distinctive flavors of this other Jaliscan mezcal are well worth seeking out.

Raicilla Venenosa Sierra de Jalisco Raicilla Venenosa Sierra de Jalisco

The details:

– Location: Mascota, Jalisco. – Agave: Agave maximiliana. – Maestro Mezcalero: Don Ruben Peña Fuentes – Quantity: 800 bottles – Distillation Date: April 2014 – ABV: 42%

The background:

Esteban Morales really brought raicilla to the United States and we're all the richer for his work with Arik Torren to make that happen because raicilla is so different from other mezcals - once you try it you'll instantly understand why it deserves its own category.

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