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(This is the last week to register your public comments about NOM 199. You can read all of our coverage here but we have also asked for comment from a few people in the mezcal world. Here's the first in a series from John McEvoy who blogs as Mezcal PhD.) I am not sure if you have heard what certain power brokers are trying to pull off in Mexico, but it is an affront to the deep tradition of mezcal and all it stands for historically. There is a blasphemous proposal, called NOM 199, where they are effectively trying to eliminate the use of the term "agave" for spirits that are produced outside the mezcal and tequila DOs.  Today, these traditional producers outside of the denomination of origin regions, can call their product "Destilado de Agave", and can tell us what type of agave was used and label it accordingly.  This is not perfect for the producers because they cannot call it mezcal, but at least they can tell us what is in the bottle.

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