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Since Silencio’s Cora Tang told me that their mini bottles were selling like hot cakes others in the industry seem to be headed the same direction. The sudden move to off premise sales means that everyone is scrambling to present

I’ve been writing about agave distilling projects in California and sotol distillation in Texas for some time because they’re expanding the world of mezcal. Those projects are interesting for what they are in and of themselves and because of questions

Driving down the road to Craig Reynolds’ agave roast out this past Sunday. I passed groves of walnuts, olives, and grapes all powered by a chunk of the big irrigation canal that makes California such an agricultural powerhouse. All of that along with the freeway that I was speeding down are examples of what makes (at least made, see recent debates about America’s crumbling infrastructure) the United States such an economic powerhouse. In contrast, when you go to Oaxaca the most basic things can’t be depended on, least of all roads and irrigation. And yet, here I was driving up a dirt driveway that wouldn’t have been to of place in Oaxaca to an agave roast that relied on native Oaxaca talent to make it happen. No matter how far you travel some things are fundamental, and especially so in the agave spirits universe where know how is the critical component, the rest is just dressing.

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