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August 2018

The Mexican Industrial Property Institute known by it’s Spanish language acronym IMPI recently expanded the number of states that belong to the mezcal appellation. IMPI added the three states of Estado de Mexico (the state that surrounds and includes Mexico City), Morelos, and Aguascalientes. That means that the Consejo Regulador del Mezcal, the CRM, which is the Mexican semi-governmental body which regulates mezcal, can now certify mezcal producers in those states as legally producing mezcal.

Almost 250 people braved the stormy elements last Friday in Baltimore out of their burning desire to see the special screening of Agave: Spirit of a Nation. Now granted, Baltimore is home to filmmakers Matt Riggieri and Nick Kovacic, but given the always packed house at Clavel, the love of agave is real in that town.

Recently I snagged the last ticket to an intimate mezcal tasting at ABV’s refashioned upstairs event room.Marco Ochoa of Mezcaloteca and Andrea Hagan of Mezcouting were in town and had coordinated a tasting with ABV’s Ryan Fitzgerald. The audience was a cluster of local bar culture from all over the Bay Area, Prizefighter to School Night, and all the locations in-between. And what a show,

[caption id="attachment_14731" align="alignnone" width="640"] [media-credit id=4 align="alignnone" width="640"][/media-credit] Vinaza storage tanks ready to be placed[/caption] This is the liquid waste that remains after distillation. Literally the word means "cheap wine" which is both a call back to all the wine and mezcal associations like Viño del Mezcal and probably a terrifyingly accurate description of what viñaza is in the mezcal world - so cheap and alcoholic that it might do the job but it would probably kill or seriously injure you in the process.

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